HF-807 CO2 Fractional Laser machine

HF-807 CO2 Fractional Laser machine



Delivers multiple arrays of 10600nm laser beam to the skin by fractional scanning, forming a burning zone of an array of laser points on the epidermis. Every laser point, consisting of single or severla high-energy laser pulses, penetrates directly into dermis to form a tapered hole, produces the effect of vaporization, solidification and carbonation for the biological tissue, enseal small blood vessels, and decrease the bleeding. The high-energy laser also stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen tissue, while the contraction of tapered holes tighten the skin, making it more fair, smooth, delicate and elastic.


How it works?

RF Co2 super pulse fractional laser is a latest laser-skin-resurface technology.It adopts RF exciter Co2 laser to change the physical medium and emission mode of laser source.During the treatemnt, hundreds of evenly and orderly micro-level pulse laser beam acts on the treatment skin area.Photo-thermal effect and micro invasive effect can accelerate the re-growth of collagen,and starting up the cell’s self-regeneration stimulating the cell’s metabolism,which makes the skin resurfaced again.


1. Skin rejuvenation ( rough skin, coarse pore, dark skin, photo damage)
2. Wrinkle reduction(crow's feet wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, fine lines, nasolabial folds etc.)
3. Pigment removal, pigmented nevus, epidermal pigmented spots(freckle etc.), epidermal neoplasms(all kinds of warts)
4. Scar repair(acne scars, hyperplastic scar, burn scar, etc.)
5. Other applications(face yellow wart, syringoma,seborrheic keratoses etc.)


Display: 10.4 inch color touch screen
Laser type: RF laser tube (imported from the USA)
Laser mode: super pulse RF laser
Laser spot diameter: D=0.12mm
Mono-pulse maximum pulse width: 500ms
Laser wavelength: 10.6μm
Laser output power: 1-30w (adjustable)
Spots space: 0.2mm-2mm
Working mode: continual pulse, single pulse, super pulse, repeat pulse, magical pulse
Spots size: 0.1mm-0.12mm
Scan range: 20mm* 20mm
Voltage: AC110V/16A/60Hz, AC220V/8A/50Hz
Net weight: 55KG

Before and after treatment

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