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Vacuum + RF slimming machine HF-S9

Vacuum + RF slimming machine HF-S9



The machine uses vacuum negative pressure technology, the early use of negative pressure in medicine, for scars and liposuction after surgery to restore, and then technological progress, negative pressure is applied to its deep massage to promote cells to do aerobic exercise , Has an unusual detoxification health effects, to improve the orange peel tissue has a good effect, highlighting the "healthy body sculpture."


Vacuum + RF slimming machine HF-S9 

System Technology & Characteristics:

Bipolar RF: 200W 1Mhz radio frequency penetrates the skin depth 5-15mm, central heating the fat layer, a strong treatment of stretch marks.


Near-infrared laser light: wavelength 960nm, power 20 W. Adjust the skin impedance, induce the RF energy reach to the impedance directly, increasing skin elasticity, smoothing the uneven skin, tightening the skin. 

Mechanical wheel: Give deep massage, to strengthen the penetration depth of Radio Frequency&heat which leads to achieve the fat layer more effectively.

Vacuum : 400-800 mbar, increase blood circulation, promote cell metabolism 

Technical Specification :

Treatment theroy :

Treatment before and after :

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