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LED for skin revitalization and anti-aging HF-501L

LED for skin revitalization and anti-aging HF-501L

LED for skin revitalization and anti-aging HF-501L

Red light (625nm): Anti-aging, stop hair losing, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, remova all kinds of pigment;

Green light(530nm): Improve oily skin and acne, improve lymph circulation;

Blue(470nm): Acne healing, sensitive skin care;



System Characteristics:

1. LED SYSTEM is a phototherapy machine which professional focuses on increase skin tissue synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, to produce healthier, faster healing, younger looking and glowing skin;

2. LED technology that generates photons at different frequencies to penetrate into deeper layers of tissue. Different wavelengths (colors blue, green, red) of light will have different effects on the skin;
3. LED SYSTEM with Multi functions which is recommended for improving oily skin, removing marks and excess pigmentation, diminishing wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines and orange-peel skin, for firming skin, treating localised adiposity and for whitening teeth;

Treatment range:

1. Remove wrinkles, and pigments on facial skin

2. Skin Rejuvenation and anti-aging
3. Recovery of injured skin:
4. Smooth Lymph and Eliminate Edema.
5. Improve oily skin, to reduce the chances of getting acne.
6. Reducing cellulite
7. Body contouring

8. Teeth whitening


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