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The system integrates OPT, SHR, DPL three most advanced mode of operation:

1.OPT professional mode, the output pulse light energy is more uniform, for the dermis skin problems more secure and effective;

2.DPL for multi-band spectrum + narrow spectrum design combined. Effective simulation of laser effects, the blood vessels, pigments, skin compact, acne has a better targeted therapeutic effect;

3.SHR in the OPT mode, hair removal effect is more durable and effective;

4.Safety and reliability; the main device using the same components of the United States and Israel equipment, fuselage multiple fault diagnosis, multiple self-protection;

5.Improved performance of the treatment head: the new treatment head design to achieve a more lasting and significant effect;


what is OPT?

OPT is with new AFT technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) uses low and equal energy.

OPT using the cutting-edge intense pulsed light technology, belongs to the fourth generation of photonic technology,perfect OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) core technology, the use of three-dimensional technology concepts: energy + Pulse Width + pulse waveform. Due to changes the pattern of treatment light output, OPT is a revolutionary in the development, not only improve the efficiency greatly but also safety.

What is DPL?

DPL(Dye Pulse Light), adopts a new narrow-spectrum light technology, offering fast and efficient solution to facial spots and telangiectasia(red face) problem. as its efficacy significantly beyond IPL, and the treatment time is significantly shorter, DPL has epoch-making significance in the field of optical beauty rejuvenation technology.

Unlike traditional IPL(Intense Pulse Light), DPL can excite the narrow-band pulsed light of 100nm, which also includes the absorption peaks of melanin, oxygen and hemoglobin. it makes effective treatment energy to be accurate focused, which further solve the facial spots and telangiectasia(red face)problem quickly and efficiently.

What is SHR?

SHR=Super Hair Removal,it's a revolutionary technology of hair removal which achieves painless hairfree hair removal.


1.Face rejuvenation, improve overall facial / skin texture

2.Shrink  pores
3.Cure freckles, sunburn, age spots and other pigmentation
4.Cure telangiectasia, acne redness, facial flushing, port wine stains and other vascular diseases
5.Acne Treatment
6.Fast and effective hair removal


Standard Handle (Wavelength): 550-950nm,650-950nm
Energy density: 10-35j/cm²
Spot size:10*35mm
Cooling system: semiconductor cooling &water cooling & air cooling

Treatment mode:
Simple mode:
Pulse Number: 1
Pulse width : 10ms,12ms,15ms
Pulse delay: intelligentized delay

Professional mode :
Pulse number: 1-4
Pulse width: 10ms
Pulse delay: 5-95ms

SHR/OPT mode :
Energy level:1-10
Frequency: 1-10Hz

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