CO2 Fractional Laser beauty equipment HF-803

CO2 Fractional Laser beauty equipment HF-803



Delivers multiple arrays of 10600nm laser beam to the skin by fractional scanning, forming a burning zone of an array of laser points on the epidermis. Every laser point, consisting of single or severla high-energy laser pulses, penetrates directly into dermis to form a tapered hole, produces the effect of vaporization, solidification and carbonation for the biological tissue, enseal small blood vessels, and decrease the bleeding. The high-energy laser also stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen tissue, while the contraction of tapered holes tighten the skin, making it more fair, smooth, delicate and elastic.

System Characteristics:

1. 3D fractional laser technology makes treatment be much safer and more effective.
2. High-power and super-stable laser offers higher energy.
3. Multi-fractional modes.
4. Adjustable rectangular pulse width control technology precisely controls pulse and strictly controls heat transfer.
5. Personalized touch screen suits to different customer requirement
6. Non-invasive treatment,short down time and comfortable treatment.

Treatment Range:

1. Skin Rejuvenation--The skin is micro exfoliated under fractional mode,and heat stimiulation of fractional laser makes collagen renew to get more tender and more elastic skin.
2. Wrinkle Removal--Remove wrinkles around mouth,eyes,forehead etc.
3. Scar Treatment--Remove surgical scars and acne scars.
4. Freckle Removal--Dilute various freckles like chloasma,freckles,coffee sports, age pigment and the actinic keratoses.
5. Remove skin neoplasms,Syringoma,sebaceous,gland tumor,Becker nevus,and seborrheic keratosis.
6. Improve skin texture,shrink pores,make the skin much smoother and tenderer
7. Tightening face and neck,with the function of face-lift and enhancement.
8. Whitening face and remove pigmentation.

Technical Specifications:

Laser type:Sealed off CO2 laser
Laser wavelength: Laser wavelenghth:10.6µm
Laser mode:low order mode
Output power:1-30W (adjustable)
Focus spot diameter:0.4mm
Lens focal distance :F=50mm/F=100mm
Delivery system:7-joint Articulated arm
Working modes:Continuous pulse,single pulse,repeat pulse and super pulse.
Pulse duration:1-500ms
Cooling stystem:water cooling
Power supply:110V/8A 60Hz 220V/4A 50Hz
Screen:8''color touch screen
Scan range:20*20mm
Scan graphics:   

Scan density:0.2-2mm/dot
Gross weight :45kg

Before and after treatment


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